Wipeable Tablecloths For Your Restaurant

- Attractive restaurant decor is a sign of quality

One of the largest aspects of restaurant decor is the tablecloth, which at a first glance can help set the mood of the dining room. Beautiful tablecloths can indicate to customers that the restaurant is a good dining option as it reflects the care the owners put into every element, including presentation and aesthetics.

just wipe tablecloths are an excellent choice for restaurant owners and managers to help create the perfect ambiance in their dining room. These tablecloths are trusted for their durability and easy-to-clean features and are chosen over and over again because of their attractiveness and the wide range of colours and designs that are suitable for every dining space.

They are crafted of quality cloth coated with high-grade vinyl to produce what is known as a luxury cotton oilcloth. The vinyl coating is available in both glossy and matte finishes, and fitting options for round tables are usually available.

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- A quick and easy solution to cleaning spills

Food and beverage spills are common dining experiences and sometimes removing and replacing traditional tablecloths becomes necessary. However, with just wipe tablecloths which only requires a quick, smooth and easy wipe away process, the inconvenience of spills can be cut by more than fifty percent in some instances. These tablecloths that can be just wiped clean make it extremely easy to immediately wipe away food and beverage spills from restaurant tablecloths without having to remove it due to unsightly spills that can make diners uncomfortable. This swift cleaning option has the immediate benefits of great customer service, less dining interruption and ultimately happy diners.

- Extending the life of tablecloths - and saving money

Traditional restaurant tablecloths need to be washed frequently, and in solutions that can be extremely harsh on the fabric. Because of this traditional tablecloths are prone to significant wear and tear from frequent washing or dry-cleaning. After a while this can make them unsightly and unusable, and forces the owners to be frequently purchasing replacement tablecloths.

On the other hand, tablecloths that have an easy-wipe feature offer the option of simply wiping away spills with a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water. That's it! There are no rough washing machines and no harsh cleaning chemicals involved. This is the perfect solution to lessening the time and energy involved in laundering dozens of tablecloths, plus increasing their life span and saving money in the process.